Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Capital "R" for Romance

Since spinning has completely engulfed my life (at least when I am not scraping off old wallpaper - I finished the second wall yesterday, thank you very much. Just 156,000 deft movements and five hours later...), I have seen the need for another fly wheel for my dearest darling, my sweet Sue, my Majacraft Suzie Pro. Although the Suzie Pro has a delta oriface (a triangluar piece of heavy wire rather than a traditional tube-like oriface) which allows for many sizes of yarn to move through it, one still must use the little wire slide-y thing (pretty sure that is the technical name) that feeds the yarn on to the bobbin. When I make those funky yarns with all sorts of slubby bits, I have to keep squeezing them through that little wire slide-y thing or everything gets jammed up. And, god love'em, those Majacraft bobbins are big but they still fill quickly with that kind of yarn.

So it is that I have been looking longingly at the Wild Flyer Kit online over the past few weeks. I told myself that I needed to sell some more yarn before investing in yet another piece of spinning equipment but each time I had to stop and feed a lump of wool through that damn slide-y thing, visions of the Wild Flyer danced in my head.

Then, in speaking with Dan, he made mention of getting me something for my birthday, which is fast approaching. Yesterday, a light went off in my head connecting these two thoughts: wild flyer and birthday. So, I emailed information about the Wild Flyer to Dan as a gentle "suggestion" of something he just might possibly want to consider if he were considering getting me a gift. You know, just on the off chance.

He told me he made sure to ask the shop to pick out the most romantic Wild Flyer they had in stock.

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