Monday, June 02, 2008

The Three Ps

Well, still without internet over here in Gillams (I am at the Corner Brook Public Library, which I must say is much nicer than our branch in Sunnyside). I am hopeful that, with a little luck from Canada Post, I will be back online within the week but I am not setting my watch by it.

This time away from email and internet has taught me a number of things. One is patience. The hyperspeed of everything internet is addictive and habit-forming. The pace of life without these elements is much, much slower and required a lesson, for me, in patience. Patience while it took a week to "check the lines" to figure out if I could get high speed internet (answer: no), patience while I worked out what my options were, patience when I discovered that Apple in Canada doesn't take American credit cards (I know, I know, aren't they supposed to be cutting edge??). And now patience while I await the delivery of a little piece of equipment that had to be mailed via NYC. All this patience led to my second P.

Productivity. When you are not checking email a dozen times a day and getting sucked into the sticky world wide web, you have lots and lots of time to do other things! Amazing! So, I have been dyeing and spinning and knitting like a mother bitch (with apologies to Mighty Boosh fans). I just mailed the remaining skeins to fill the order with the craft council shop in St. John's, I have skeins awaiting for etsy, I have a bucket of fleece ready to spin. Plus I have been working on some prototypes of knit items that I hope to sell at a small craft fair in late July here. Busy as freaking bee.

And the final P: privacy. Each year, when we make our way north, the experience of place takes on a different flavour. This year, with its numerous frustrations, has given me a more nuanced look at what is life here. In addition to the internet snafu, I have been wrestling with some issues related to The House Museum and its direction for this summer. I would like to explore them further here but I will say that it is possible and even probable that THM will have a very limited season this year for several reasons. The more that this possibility takes shape, the more I grow attached to the idea of having a private summer. A summer where people are not dropping in at any moment for a tour. After a busy winter and early spring, this idea is quite attractive. But, as I say, it is complicated by several factors. For the time being, I am spinning and knitting and enjoying the distinct lack of car tires crunching on the gravel in the driveway.

Hope to talk with you soon!

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