Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dear Binny

Thank you so much for checking out the blog - I love to know that someone, anyone, is out there taking it in. Regarding your comment on my post listing my Top Ten Favourite are so right! I should have mentioned the unsurpassable A Ripple of Laughter (the Greg and Kara Story). It is a rare find, however, being an edition of only one handmade book so it may be a little obscure for the average reader. For those who are unfamiliar with this great tome, it is the story of two educational reformers who meet over a ripple of laughter that goes around the table at a gathering of teachers (this is hot stuff!). They go on to marry and have children and move to Arkansas after being accused of a crime. I won't spoil the ending by revealing it here (also, even the author, who is standing right next to me at the moment, can't remember it). ANYWAY, I laughed, I cried, I put it on our second quarter homeschooling report to the Dept. of Ed under "Literature". If you read only one book about educational reformers on the lam, choose "A Ripple of Laughter"! literate can you be, Binny, if you think Old Gregg is a book? I think you have been drinking a little too much of that creamy Bailey's.

Kindest Regards,

My Fair Isle

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