Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Finding Focus

Those who regard worldly affairs as as obstacle to their training
do not realize that there is nothing such as worldly affairs
to be distinguished from the Way.
- Dogen, Bendowa

This is shaping up as a quiet week for us. Most of our regularly scheduled activities are off because of the holiday so we are mostly home all week. This is a great benefit to me since I need time to crochet - a lot of time - and I have to be home to do it since the piece is already large and heavy.

Yet, despite the cancellation of yesterday's activities, it took me until afternoon to get to the crochet, which was the primary job I set for myself for the day.

It seems as thought there are always ten things to be done, usually all at once, before the one thing can be done. It can feel so frustrating when the real, true focus feels just beyond my reach; that it can only be accomplished after I get the next thing...and the next thing... finished. But the next things just keep coming.

What if that's all there is? What if that IS the focus?

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