Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Yarn on Yarn Action

Yesterday I had a phone call from a reader, let's call him Mr. Picky, who suggested I was spending too much time in introspection and not enough time showing the goods. He wanted some yarn on yarn action.

Well Mr. Picky, I hope someday you will be able to actually use the comments section of this blog rather than tying up my phone lines, but here you are:

The early stages made for a very striking hat.

Later in the day, it became a spookier. It reminded me of a piece I saw in a Whitney Biennial a few years ago...kinda creepy.

This is what it looked like when I turned in my hook for the night. Getting there, ever so slowly. (For the detail oriented - are you listening Mr. Picky? - the lighter colour that represents the "wood" is not as bright and white in real life as this picture suggests. I think it will be convincing from 15 stories up...)


OfTroy said...

Is this going to be at all colaborative? (like the mile?

do you need crocheters to work on panals (the sides of the pencil?)

(is the crochet going to cover the framework of the water tower --or is it going to be a short stubby pencil?)

Robyn said...

Hi Helen, Yes, it is collaborative - I have recruited six fast crocheters to help me out. They are working on the sides of the pencil, which is a kind of golden yellow colour. Can you guess why I was so happy to share that part out..?

The finished piece should hang down below the bottom of the tank by a couple of feet but I think it will be pretty stubby nonetheless. The award it is modeled after is pretty stubby so I guess they will match.

Patti Blaine said...

Ah, Helen, but she didn't share with me... I, apparently, am too damn far away. Not that I'm bitter.

Robyn, can I guess who the guy is? Is it Rob, is it? He's so annoying, isn't he? Him with his brioches and whatnot.

Sorry, Kate typed that last sentence.