Saturday, November 29, 2008

Into Every Project Some Doubt Must Fall

I have noticed a trend, or cycle, or predictable set of events, that happens in every one of my projects. First there is the great elation of a new idea, an ambitious goal, the thought of a result that seems, in some cases, profound, in other cases, at least kind of cool. Then there is the work of making it happen. Again, I start with enthusiasm, enjoying the process, dreaming of the wonderful results. At some point however, the enthusiasm begins to turn into doubt: why did I do this? why do I always do this? whose brilliant idea was this anyway? Usually this stage rears its ugly head when the process takes an unexpected turn and the piece is no longer exactly what I had imagined, so things start to feel slightly unpredictable.

So here I am. My piece (the tip of the pencil that will cover the roof) has about 400 stitches currently. It needs to be about 740 by the end. The math of figuring out the increases is slightly beyond my abilities but I think I have it worked out. What is plunging me into the deep unease is the shape of the point. I don't like it. At all. But obviously I am not ripping out to fix it. I have thought about making another point and simply sewing it over the current one. Maybe. Can I cut it off and attach a new one? Close-up appearance is not that important as most people will be seeing this from 15 stories below.

Your advice is welcome!

And then there is the colour...and maybe it is too homemade looking for these slick ad agency people...and what if the whole thing fails and no one even knows it is supposed to be a pencil? I could go on, but you get the picture...


OfTroy said...

I like the point (of course, its abstract.. I don't have the measurements of the lid of the water tank!)

but i like that is is pointer (a bit) then the lid it is going on.

Have no fears, it will look like a pencil.. (and will generate Why questions from some, and general indifferance from other jaded NYers)

It is a cool idea (it is insane too, since i try quickly of 6 foot scarves.. and dozens of 20 foot ones (and the seaming!) would drive me over the edge!)

But I love it.
I love knowing you, and seeing you take imaging (and then produce!) these projects.

NY is a better place (than most places in the world) because of people like you.

(if you need help.. well i can crochet.. and i can seam.. (and i can make a good pot of tea, and of coffee, and do dishes, and keep all your other workers happy!)

dorina said...

i would say . . you can always cut it off! and replace . . but for right now keep on keeping on. it's going to be great. we all have faith in you and love what you are doing. and don't forget: these slick ad agency people NEED homemade looking things!!! that is . . the point . .