Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Promptness not always a virtue

Yesterday morning I ordered 400 skeins of Lion Brand's Thick 'n Quick for the water tower, hoping that the yarn would live up to its name and make this project move swiftly. I rounded up a half dozen fast crocheters to assist me and I was right on schedule.

Yesterday evening I had an email from the ad agency in Toronto who is organizing all this that there is a last minute glitch with the organization in London - they are coordinating another promotional piece there and there was some snafu. I wasn't given the details, only told that everything is on hold and may possibly be canceled today.

Not exactly what I wanted to hear when I had just put $1500 of yarn on my credit card.

If the project is canceled, it will be a disappointment in some ways. It is a pretty fun and funky project and it will attract a lot of attention and publicity (and that's good, right?). And I do like me some marathon needlework projects. Canceling the project will be a huge relief in other ways. I had so envisioned my life for the next month with this in it, that to suddenly feel the possibility of that space opening up feels like a gift. Even as I had been complaining of an overfull schedule before, it will feel light and leisurely should the whole thing fall through. Handmade holiday gifts for everyone!

But no such celebrations yet. In the meantime, I wait for word one way or another even as I wait for the UPS man and my six cases of yarn.

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Patti Blaine said...

I'm on tenterhooks. Can't imagine how on edge you must be!