Monday, November 03, 2008

Inner Princess

While we continue to await the final word on the water tower cozy project, I have been making more hats.

One thing I love about making hats to sell is that I can use any yarn in any colour that strikes my fancy. It is bound to be suitable for someone. Peachy colours, pinks, yellows all make me look like the walking dead but since it ain't for me, I am free to indulge my pinkest, most peachy fantasies.

Using another skein of the fabulous yarn from islandsweet, I made a hat that is truly a fantasy. While I was knitting it, it occurred to me that it was a hat for a princess. It has lots of golden glitz (or angelina as it is sometimes called), along with snippets of sparkly commercial yarns and lots of and lots of soft merino in a range of pinks.

While I will admit to occasionally being a bit of a diva, I am not much of a princess. But this is a hat is for someone's inner princess...

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laila aka rawfish said...

love that hat! :D