Tuesday, December 23, 2008

In Between It All

In between the ongoing economic meltdown, world strife and unhappiness, Pastor Rick, Rod Blago's hair, post-water tower exhaustion, pre-holiday preparations, and our normal schedule of activities, I had a bit of good news.

The Queens Council on the Arts awarded my proposal Spindle 7 a Queens Community Art Fund grant. The idea is a simple one (now, now, no laughing!). I will bring my spindle on the #7 train once a week and spin from our stop at 46 Street/Bliss to Vernon/Jackson in LIC. My hope is engage my fellow riders in conversation about what I am doing, possibly teach them to do it too (I will carry some CD spindles and extra fleece) and connect with people who may come from places where spindle spinning is still part of their everyday lives. Along the way, I occasionally will document my activity and encounters with photographs and video.

Also, I like the idea of bringing this activity, which is almost as old as modern human beings, to the subway, or elevated train, as the case may be.

Our hands know how to do this, if we let them.

PS. Normally I would insert an artful photograph of my spindle and some fleece here as an illustration but...I can't find my spindle! A casulty of the above mentioned post-water tower exhaustion (and complete lack of housekeeping that happened, or not, during that whole time period). It's around here somewhere...


OfTroy said...

Well i hope you come to the LIC knits (tonight or sometime soon) and get some of us involved.

I usually drive to Vernon Blvd, but tonight i will taking train..(#7)

and there are some spinners at the group (and some would be spinners)
and some who take the #7 train home(i don't know if the set that wants to learn to spin overlaps with the set that takes the #7 train... but..)

You know, i have some raw fleece..(very raw, and full of vegetable matter..) but.. if you want some...)

Patti Blaine said...

Yay!!! This sounds like great fun. Wish I could come along and videograph! ;)