Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Weather Outside is Frightful - Hooray!

We just heard a giant rumble, like thunder starting up in the distance, but it turned out to be snow sliding, then falling, off our rooftop. It never fails to awe and delight!

Unlike many people, I love winter. I love the cold of it and frankly feel that global warming is cheating me out of one of my life's greatest pleasures - intense cold that freezes your face and takes your breath away. I love the darkness of it. I love it when it is dark early and we have to scramble home and and lead lives indoors. I love snow, even in New York where it quickly becomes brown and mushy and a pain in the neck (or back or rear end, depending how many times you slip and fall). I love sweaters and hats and scarves and mitts and hot drinks and, yes, I even love shoveling snow. I admit that delight wore thin the winter we were in Newfoundland and I was still shoveling three feet of the stuff in April. Little worry of that here, alas.

I have only met one person who I know shares my love of all things winter. We skirted around the idea until each of us felt safe enough to admit it and then, I think, we both felt a wave of relief at finding a similar soul.

I love winter and today is the winter solstice. So, hooray! Enjoy the clean, pure feeling of cold. Enjoy the limited palate of the landscape. Enjoy the delightful contrast between outside and inside. Enjoy the light that is bathed in blue, sharp and beautiful. Enjoy it!

Spring will be here soon enough.


island sweet said...

what's wonderful this year in newfoundland is that i think winter will only be 3 months long - as it should - like all the other seasons. in past years we could already have had 2 months of it by now. the snow that fell 3 days ago has stayed. robyn, we share so much. but not a love of winter. xxx

dorina said...

yes! and i dream of a white christmas too, but it's more rare than i like. at this time of year i always remember my visit to norway. when i got to oslo, i took a train to flam. it was very cold and dark and i couldn't even see the fjord, not until 9:30/10am or so the next morning. it was beautiful.