Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pardon Me, But There's A Giant Pencil in Your Living Room

Having achieved the 14 ft diameter, my piece is done up to the point where I need to have the sides to finish it. I will have five of the six side pieces today and I will get started sewing them together. Then I have to fill in the off-white part to correspond with their shape - the pencil has a zig-zag shape like pencils have when they are sharpened.

Details, baby, it's all about the details!

Speaking of details, here they are about the installation:

The piece will be installed beginning around 9:30 am. We are hoping that it will only take two hours or so. The building where all this is happening (395 Broadway) is a private, residential building so there will not be access to the roof except for people directly involved in the installation. You can view the piece from the street. Two places that seemed particularly good when I was scouting out the neighborhood were on Canal Street to the northwest of Broadway and to the south on Broadway. You need to be a couple of blocks away to really see it as the building is 15 stories high and in a densely packed neighborhood of other buildings.

As far as I know, there are no plans to do anything celebratory after the installation. I have to run up to yoga classes immediately afterwards so I won't be able to really savour the deed for too long. Time swiftly passes by!

I will be taking lots of still photos and TAXI will be videotaping the installation. Indeed, this whole project (for them) is all about the 90 second video they will produce and put up on youtube and elsewhere. Sometimes I have to shift my mind away from the relentless fact that all this work is for 90 seconds.


yusufyusuf said...

Nice blog...


OfTroy said...

I will be in manhattan this weekend and will make a point of looking for (at) it, and might even take a photo..

It seems sad that it will be so ephemeral--it would be nice if it could stay up for a few weeks (rather than hours)

Patti Blaine said...

Be careful up there Robyn! Wish I could zip into Manhattan this weekend to see it. o well. :)

Rest your hand!!

LICraftgal said...

I will not be in manhattan this weekend, but will look for the pictures and the you-tube video for sure!!! Wow all that work and so little time have it up! But like my husband says, "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened!" Can't wait to see the pics!!

Robyn said...

the piece is only up for such a short time mainly because TAXI is working on this campaign pro bono so they can only send their crew into NYC one time. We had hoped to leave it up a week, but alas, we had to follow the money. I like your attitude LICgraftgirl!

island sweet said...

i've only been gone 10 days and look what you have done! is it finished? did it get installed? photos? oh how lovely for it to be in the past. xxx