Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Don't Yuck My Yum

It is getting so you can't swing a dead cat without hitting a blogger around here. Finnian decided that he was sick of Lucy stealing the show, so he started his own blog, a food-related blog, called Don't Yuck My Yum. If it encourages him to write, then I am happy (even if it means I have to beg to use my own computer).

It is all just as well since I am working hard on the Lion Brand Studio window project (still secret!). I received a call on Friday from the store manager that Martha Stewart wants to do a segment about the store and wants to do it the day I am installing the window. I was already feeling a little nervous about the fact that David Blumenthal has called me about four times with suggestions and ideas. I appreciate his interest and, of course, I am ever grateful for his unstinting support of my past projects, but when the CEO of the company takes such a personal interest in the store window can disappointment really be that far behind?

And now, Martha.

The pressure mounts...

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OfTroy said...

Martha Stewart? huh--she nothing compared to James Baron and the NEW YORK TIMES-and you managed that fine!

The problem is your mind set.

You've been quietly doing your art now for year.. and been quite happy to be an artist..

now you are becoming an artist celebrity.. soon you'll be on all the craft shows.. (don't forget to join the union.. you'll only get scale.. but!)

you'll manage celebrity as well as you manage the other things in your life.. (you'll muddle through--doing somethings right, and some things wrong!)