Friday, February 27, 2009

Taking A Breath

I am emerging from my underground lair to celebrate finishing the Empire State Building. Now to start the Chrysler Building, which is, mercifully, about half the size of the ESB.

Here is another little sneaky peek...I won't show too much because you have to come on down to Lion Brand Studio and see it in person next week (and thereafter until June).

Was I using sock yarn and 2.5mm needles? Yes I was. A fit of insanity must have overwhelmed me and it didn't leave me until it was noontime and I had finished only what you see pictured here. I snapped out of it and quickly switched over to larger needles and yarn, and later, abandoned knitting altogether for the speed of crochet. I am very happy with the end result - it is as if the Empire State Building got into a tussle with Marlo Thomas in her "Free to Be You and Me" days. Or something like that.

I try to share the space with the three other people who live here, but like a goldfish, I tend to expand to encompass whatever space is available. That picture is from yesterday, but I can't say it looks any better today.

And a couple more Sono treats (I am saving some of the best):

A little taxi for the FDR Drive...

...and a gull for the East River.


island sweet said...

oh i wish i could be there for the unveiling!xxx

Patti Blaine said...

Damn. We're coming in July! Can't get it held over, can ya? :)

Robyn said...

it might not be set in stone...they were talking about june 1, but perhaps they will leave it up. i get the feeling they are still working things out.