Saturday, February 07, 2009

Tea Parties

Please take a look at a new blog I have discovered: A Chest of Fairy Tales. The woman who writes it comes to our house each Friday afternoon to bring her son to a chess lesson that he shares with Lucy and two other boys. We have been getting to know each other over cups of tea for those couple of hours each week. Vita is an artist, originally from the Ukraine, and a fellow estian. Her shop, also called A Chest of Fairy Tales, is full of colourful illustrations done with ink and watercolour. Truly magical.

Vita's etsy shop is far busier than mine, so I have been enjoying the added benefit of learning tips and tricks to draw more traffic to my shop from her. She has generously given me some ad space on her blog -the first time I have tried such a thing.

Vita's children are lovely - her son is very serious about his chess and her daughter is like a forest sprite, investigating the bits and pieces of toys left around our living room. Everyone enjoys spending time with Lucy's dollhouse, which is a remarkable storehouse of handmade treasures as well as the source for many an imagined adventure. (See her blog for some lovely photographs.)

Today, I will be attending a tea party of another kind. This afternoon is the final practical exam for yoga certification. I know I know what to do, especially as I had a private lesson this morning and the words and information are becoming second nature to me now. But, ugh! To be watched and judged as I do it...this is another story. I will be looking for that still place: effort without tension, comfort without laziness. Sthira sukhamasanam.

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dorina said...

oohh her prints are so beautiful. i'd like to hang one on my wall. i hope your exam went well today. and jack likes dollhouses too. i'll have to unearth the photo i have of him snuffling around for some little dollies to play with.