Tuesday, February 08, 2011


On Sunday, we had about two feet of snow fall. The weather report persisted in telling us that it was 5 - 10 cm, but the sky said different. By the time I shoveled out the little patch of ground that serves as a driveway, the path to house needed re-shoveling. It was that kind of snow storm.

As you know by now, I love that kind of snow storm. But I must confess that as I stood in waist-deep snow yesterday and tried to scrape huge, icy drifts off our roof (using a thing that looks like an inverted shovel with a long handle), the shine of my love began to pale ever so slightly. Our neighbor, who was shifting his snow banks so there would be room for new snow banks, looked over and said, "Snow is work." Not with anger or emotion but just plainly stating the fact. Snow is work.

But I like snow and I like work, so my enthusiasm is back up as we expect a bit more today and tomorrow.

By way of contrast, I spun up this bit of colour.

As I was plying it, I had a moment or two where I thought I had made a mistake in choosing to make it a two ply (where it is impossible to know how the colours will combine) instead of a chain-plied yarn (where the colours stay together in a more predictable way). As it plied onto the bobbin, my heart began to sink. It wasn't what I imagined and I feared the dreaded muddy yarn. But when I wound it off onto my niddy noddy, something else happened and it became bright as a berry.

Will the wonders of spinning never cease? I hope not!


Newfoundland Fibre Artist said...

"Berry" nice :-)

dorinalouise said...

(sigh). i just love all your snow. maybe someday i'll have to move north . .