Friday, February 04, 2011

Of A Friday

Our white, wintery world. Can you see our house? It is the little, light blue one just about right in the center of the photograph.

By Friday, Lucy is grumbling about how much she hates school. It happens each week now. It is a tough position for me to be in since I can see that 99% of what she is doing is either a complete waste of time or actually destructive if the goal is to foster a love of learning. But there is something to sticking with a decision and making it work, so I remind her to get what she can out of it and let the rest go. The real down side is that she is learning about the gossipy hierarchy of school life: the divisions between the in crowd and the out crowd and between the teachers and students. I have less patience with that stuff than with, say, an English teacher that picks apart her punctuation while totally ignoring the content of her essay. Although, as an aside, is there any better way to kill a love of writing in a person? I think not. After her second week of school, Lucy came home and said, "it's good that I have been homeschooled until now or I might believe some of this stuff!"

Those are my Friday morning thoughts. Now for some Thursday afternoon photographs. The sun came out.


Patti Blaine said...

The sun came out. :) Beautiful!

tinebeest said...

Good luck to Lucy! Maybe some of her teachers don't know how to work with children who are not standardised to the school system? But I love her comment, she shows some serious independent thinking there. At university we crave students like her. Please tell her to keep that spirit alive- there are few people who can use their brainz.

And wonderful pictures, too!