Saturday, February 26, 2011

Loving the Lace

A dear friend of mine is an expert knitter - a professional designer who makes magic (and her living) with her needles. She sent me some photographs of some her recent designs. They were all lacy and beautiful. I was so inspired. Her lace is clever lace, not romantic lace. Smart lace.

I have never felt smart enough for lace. Even the simplest pattern of yarn overs and K2togs left me feeling like I left a few too many of my brain cells in my jar of turpentine back in the day. After seeing those photographs I decided it was time to give lace another try.

I found a "simple" pattern on ravelry. I grabbed a skein of handspun that just happened to be sitting around and I cast on. My plan was to make a cowl for a friend who has been very generous with professional advice these past few months.

You know what? It was fun. I got quite addicted to the way the yarn overs moved around in relationship to the K2togs. It was just enough change and just enough regularity. A balance, you might say.

It was hard to put down, until....look! was finished! Such fun. I have already cast on for another.

Here I am in a rare self-portrait. Note the intelligent gleem in my eyes. Also the look of self-satisfaction. And also the new haircut.

A brave, new, lacy world.


OfTroy said...

Oh i am so happy! I hated it when you thought lace was to hard --but thinking it was too hard, made it true.

But warning--some lace is hard!

Lucky you found one that worked for you.
Me? I love old shale (an even lace)
I dislike (because i mess up, all the time!) feather and fan (1 stitch different than old shale!)

1 stitch is enough to make an easy pleasant to knit lace pattern into one that I mess up, time and time again!

so take your knew found knowlege and confidence (YES! You can knit lace!) and enjoy it. (and if you find your self stumped by a SINGLE lace pattern--just remember--It happens.
PS--love the hair cut!

Jan Morrison said...

Wow - I'm totally impressed. I'm terrified of lace. But hey - who knows - now that you've dared to be a Daniel - why so might I.
But not right this minute - right this minute I have floors to sweep, food to cook, a desk to clean off, paperwork to do AND arggghh.
nice haircut - I like a good out of the blue haircut now and then. Mine needs one now. I'm right some shaggy.

Robyn said...

ah Helen, I was thinking of you often! Especially when I actually started to recognize what the stitches were and why. A first! Some of your lessons must have been absorbed despite my best efforts.

Robyn said...

Jan - Lace is terrifying! I was very hesitant to put this down for fear of not having any clue about where I needed to pick it up again. But suddenly, it did begin to make sense so maybe there is something to try, try again.

Pretty sure the dust and mess will still be there if you ignore it for a while. Lace is calling youooooooo!

island sweet said...

love the lace. love the hair.

Patti Blaine said...

Way to conquer the fear, Robyn! And excellent haircut. Sets off those earrings (among my favorite of yours) very well. :)

Taos Sunflower said...

Congratulations on taking the lace plunge. I have only done a little, but I have some great, simple ways of keeping track of my pattern. Let me know if you have any interest and I'll write privately.