Thursday, February 10, 2011

Newfoundland Weather Report

One promise I made to myself when I started this blog was that I would not succumb to talking about the weather. I mean, ho-hum.

I might as well post pictures of our cat. I would never do that.

Look! It's Minky with a little crown on her head! She looks so pleased, doesn't she?

What can I say? Weather is big about now. Yesterday, Finn and I went skiing. On our first venture on the trails, it was sunny and bright. We took a little break for lunch and went out again. This time, the wind had picked up and it started to snow.

The temperature dropped and it became clear we needed to get home before the roads got too greasy, as they say around here. The wind continued all night - so strongly that our basement door blew open in the night. And it was locked, mind you. I had a rather cold surprise this morning when I went down to collect some firewood. A snow bank had moved into the basement. I'm afraid I had to evict it.

Today, the snow continues.

I know there is a revolution happening in Egypt. There is a big hoo-ha in the yoga world about the recent NY Times article about Tara Stiles and her Slim, Calm Sexy version of yoga. The world is turning, changing, living, dying.

But, the weather! The weather!


OfTroy said...

In the beginning of January--(after some storm) i came home and found my normally tropical apartment freezing..
The door to my terrace wasn't open (yet) but the bit of trim that held the eye of the slide bolt (lock) was pulled a full inch from the frame, and was close to blowing fully open.

I banged back with a hammer, and put some screws in place...
It has been that kind of winter..
It sound like you got the storm that was here late monday night.. Wicked winds, and cold.. (but cheer up, its still windy (but less now than in mornng) and getting warmer by the second.--this too should come your way in 48 hours!

Brenda Stratton said...

Funny post Robyn. We missed you today but I'll catch you up.