Friday, February 25, 2011

On Again, Off Again

On Wednesday, Finn and I got out skiing, despite the wild weather. We were almost completely alone out on the trails. The place where we ski is at a high elevation, so the landscape is almost tundra in some places. Caribou are not unknown to these parts. Moose, hare, foxes, we all share the woods together. The building in the photograph is the biathlon cabin. I used to snigger at the very notion of a biathlon - skiing and shooting a gun, how silly! - but it is actually quite amazing. I don't know how much biathloning happens here. I suspect nearly none, but I like that they have the possibility of it.

Now and then, the snow stops and the sun comes out. We blink and wonder at that brightly glowing ball in the sky.

Transforming the ordinary into poetry.

And making for fun for some.

The snow is back today, however.

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Jan Morrison said...

love this. the pictures, the meander into your life. thanks.