Wednesday, June 01, 2011


The almost-summer light yesterday morning was seductive.

These climbing roses are old enough to have a delicious scent that is especially in evidence in the morning and evening.

No need to do anything but stand there and breathe.

Funny, little columbines...they have grown up in the cracks in our concrete patch where the clothesline resides. I don't see any of their cousins in our neighbor's yards, so I am not sure where the seeds blew in from.

The raspberries have bounced back after being decimated by a misinformed gardener. They seem extra lively this year.

Wild roses, also blown in from who-knows-where have taken up residence near the back. They tend to be a bit too aggressive for my taste - also too prickly! I will trim them back heavily once their cute blossoms fade. They look eager to please but I am not so sure they are on the up and up.

Our peas begin to reach for the sky....

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