Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Evening

First, for commenter E: The technique you suggested is how I first created these beds - using the "lasagna" method. What I discovered is that the most common plant growing in this part of the yard is called Black Knapweed or Hardhead around here - they grow in clumps and are very tenacious. Even my multi-layer lasagna technique was no match - they pushed right up through. This year, I decided I had to actually dig down and get at the root system, at least in this section where I want to garden. The good news is that because of my previous work with lasagna garden, the soil is much more workable than any other part of the yard where the ratio of soil to rock is, shall we say, limited.

After supper, a break from the garden and a walk on the beach in the brilliant evening sunshine. In this just-post-solstice time, the sun stays bright until well into the night.


Taos Sunflower said...

Love your photographs; they offer a feeling of peace.

anne dinan said...

that looks divine.