Monday, June 06, 2011

Slanting Sunlight and the Private Parts of Cephalopods

On Saturday I had the pleasure of teaching a lovely group of young women how to spin on a spindle. Eager, interested and very anxious to learn this skill - what else could one ask for?

Flowers, as it turns out.

Since I was offering my instruction for love not money, they generously arrived with a giant floral arrangement and delicious snacks. Could there be a more perfect group of teenagers? I think not. And they didn't even know that I am slightly obsessed with ikebana. I thought it was probably best not to tell them that I would pull apart the arrangement as soon as they left. It looked a bit overstuffed in a very American way to my newly-trained eyes. Now I have loads of material to work with for the next week or so. Pure delight!

I wouldn't bother you with yet more photos of flowers except that the light this morning was stunning and I couldn't resist a few shots.

Who isn't a sucker for slanting sunlight on petals?

Lest you think I will be taking photos of kittens and puppies next, let me share with you a photo I took last week when F&L and I went to Mitsuwa for the gourmet food festival.

Snicker, snicker. That sign (and the food) kept us in good humour for the whole afternoon.


Jan Morrison said...

I love pictures of flowers - I have a bunch on my latest Living the ... and chicks. Octupus balls - not so many! All good. Good teenagers, good fun teacher, good light. yay!
by the by - the vrifict. is irlymove - isn't that so nice?

Taos Sunflower said...

I bet you can hear me laughing, all the way from California...