Monday, June 13, 2011


Although we are busy with Hannah visiting and with our preparations to head back to Gillams, I have been feeling like I am poised and just about ready to leap into a very busy time. If my proposal to the Craft Biennale in Korea is accepted, it will mean that I immediately have to set to work at full speed. And did I mention that there will be a participatory element? Full details to come, if it all pans out. If this all works out (notice all the "if's"! No chickens will be counted before hatching!), I will be begging for your assistance! Fingers crossed - you know how I do love to beg.

Of course this opportunity popped into my inbox just as I had assumed all my winter proposals had come up empty and it was time to re-focus for a while. I had decided that I would attempt to learn to make traditional kimono. From my experiences making small repairs to the kimono of my teacher and some of the other monastics, I have become fascinated with the construction of them. They are quite unlike any western-made garment I have seen. There also seems to be a need to have someone in the sangha who possesses this skill since everyone is wearing kimono that are almost see-through from wear and tear. It is taking the whole "patch robed monk" thing a little too far perhaps.

I started researching and, recently, I asked one of the monastics to be my guinea pig and suffer with me through all the mistakes and wrong turns. She agreed and I thought I had my summer project.

I photographed some of the seams so I could see them while in Newfoundland, away from kimono-wearing monastics.

Now it appears possible that I might have two summer projects. In any case, after two months having no idea what the next hour might bring, let alone the next day or week or month, it feels good to have a small sense of purpose and direction.

Fingers crossed.


island sweet said...

2 wonderful projects!

OfTroy said...

I own a traditional Japanese kimono--a wedding one.. with all the fixings, (except the shoes) if having one handy--to study would help. just let me know.

Jan Morrison said...

wonderful projects. I have read both the books on knit kimonas as I like that idea.
yay for busyness.

urban muser said...

good luck! can't wait to hear more about the korea project if it works out.

urban muser said...

good luck! can't wait to hear more about the korea project if it works out.