Sunday, September 18, 2011

Beautiful Things

Just about to run out for the first day of installing the squares!  But before I do, I know you all have been asking, Robyn, have you changed your opinion about dotorimuk (jellied acorn paste)?

The answer is YES!

My host family was a little surprised, and I suspect a little dismayed, to learn that I am a vegetarian because much of Korean food includes a meat component.  I knew this, and being a vegetarian who does not like to impose on anyone offering me food, my plan was to eat whatever I was given.  But then, someone asked me...and word was out.  The solution was dotorimuk!

We went to a restaurant that specializes in it and it was totally different from my first experience of it.

Here it is as squares.

Flattened and cooked (?) like a pancake.  This one was extra yummy.

And finally, as noodles with lots of sprouts and veggies and, I think, peanuts.  Mixed with hot sauce.  Oh yes.  Sorry chipmunks, I take it back.  I wants your acorns after all.

Enough with the acorns already.  Here are all 700+ or - squares organized by colour.

And five hours later, organized by how I plan on installing them (minus two boxes I packed up).  I left these out because a television crew will be there this morning to tape some footage about the project and they need some visuals.  I pulled a few squares out that seemed to have special stories attached, including one made from 40 grocery bags and two from the blogless Janine who made her squares from wool from her very own sheep that she sheared, scoured, carded, spun and then knit.

But if one thing became clear to me yesterday as I handled and considered each square, it was that there are not really any "special" ones.  Every single one represents care and time and energy that someone gave freely to this project.  I was really feeling that generosity coming off of every single square - it was a beautiful thing.  

I hope you feel my love in return....


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Jennifer said...

Theses are great stories. I love reading about your experiences with the Avenue of Trees! Not so sure about the acorn stuff, but I'll trust you on that one. Cheers!

Sonya Philip said...

Acorn paste, who knew? All those squares look so beautiful in piles.