Wednesday, September 21, 2011


On Tuesday, it didn't rain and I had five people assisting me.  We also had two trucks to help carry the squares and (occasionally) block traffic.

We rocked it, people!  We covered every single tree along the whole center line of the avenue and we had enough left over to do a section of the street where the Biennale venue is located.  That's right!  We did all five kms and more.

It was a hard day but a good day. 


Patti Blaine said...


OfTroy said...

good grief! its a good thing you didn't have 2000 squares! You'd be adding squares to every tree in the city, and then to the light poles, too! It looks lovely in the long shot--where you can see 3.

island sweet said...

your accomplishment is amazing robyn!

Gregory said...

robyn, it's so wonderful. morgana and i are so happy about it. it's a beautiful piece, fun and colorful.

dorinalouise said...

hi robyn, i just realized this morning when i went to work on the blog, that greg hadn't signed out . . and i hadn't signed in. hmmmm. funny to see his face with my words . .

morgana and i have been enjoying reading about your adventures . .

happy trails.

Taos Sunflower said...