Friday, September 02, 2011


Let's see, where were we? Ah yes - the package was sent and a quick look at the tracking says that it is currently in the hands of Korean customs. I hope they don't think it is some crazy kind of crochet terrorism. Although, it kind of is if you think about it.
Despite sending off that box, I still had a nice, hefty stack of squares in Gillams. It was increased by some arrivals through the mail, via the bus from St. John's, and at our last knit night. A huge thank you to everyone, with a special shout-out to Gillian who must have topped 50 in her total contribution. Awe-inspiring, I think that is the only word to describe her efforts. Here we see Minky as she realizes the full potential of a stack of granny squares.
Those squares were safely stowed in the backseat of our car, along with a small amount of personal belongings and a large amount of Vanna's Choice. When we arrived at the ferry, we had to have our car inspected for agricultural products that aren't allowed to leave the island. As bags of Vanna's smiling face slipped out the back when we opened the door, the inspector said in what must be the understatement of the year, "I see you likes your wool."
Lucy added three squares to the stack during the trip and my mom made two more. It was a gratifying sight to return from Tim Hortons with life sustaining cups of tea and find the two of them working away in the car. The family that crochets together, stays together. Later, my mom gave me 16 more squares that she urged out of her knitting friends, and so the pile has risen each step of the way. I will dispatch this one on Tuesday after the holiday weekend. And now to finish up that Mets project...I know I packed it somewhere.

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