Thursday, September 29, 2011

Two Videos from Seoul


skan said...

Hi, nice to meet you.
I'm korean. I saw your blog a few days ago.
and I read that you are in korea now.
It is interesting. ^^

Did you go to Dongdaemoonjonghabsijang?
(동대문종합시장) There are many yarn, materials for craft and knitting. If you go there, you will be fun.
I'm sorry my english is not good.
Anyway, I wish you will have a nice time in korea.^^

Robyn said...

Hi Skan, Thanks for commenting! I did go there - it is an amazing place. I hardly knew where to look first. I have had a wonderful time in Korea and I am very sad to be flight back to New York leave tomorrow.

Your english is great! And far, far better than my Korean.

XOX, Robyn

skan said...

i have a blog about my knitting.

Patti Blaine said...

Really really like the piece with the floating bowls. Irreverently wondered who washes them and how often, but could probably watch it for a long time otherwise... rather like the picky thoughts that float up during meditation and whatnot.

Robyn said...

Thanks for the link skan...great photos! And good inspiration for me to continue to learn Korean...

Patti - I totally agree - I could have watched that piece for hours. I was technically not supposed to be photographing it (or taking video) so I had to cut it short. : )