Monday, August 29, 2011

Exhale and Then....

Here is my box of squares ready to go. A guesstimated 20 pounds of crochet and knitting. I actually had to leave out about 18 squares because the box was too small. It isn't worth creating a second box because, according to the Canada Post website, a box weighing six pounds costs the same to ship as one weighing 20. Go figure. The extra squares (and those skeins of yarn) will enjoy the ferry ride and a delightful trip across two provinces and four states to NYC before taking an airplane to Korea. They will be world travelers but they don't seem at all impressed.

For now, however, I have to return the remaining inherited yarn to Barb, who will share it with her students this year (she teaches all her students to knit, bless her heart). May they use it well.

Each item gets ticked off the list of things to do before we leave, once again, for the mainland. This year I truly have no idea how things will be when we return next year. I have truly no idea when we will return, for that matter. There is a broad openness ahead.

As someone recently said to me, every moment, every breath is a new beginning. So, let's begin!

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