Saturday, August 20, 2011

Accomplishment 'n Progress

Well, this feels like an accomplishment but of what kind, I can't really say.

There was a dark moment when I realized, two-hours of knitting in, that I had been knitting the pattern backwards. This would be perfect as long as the Stitch 'n Pitch goodie bags include mirrors! Alas, not the case, I had to tear it out, do an hour of yoga, have a cup of tea, eat a biscuit, read a chapter of book, and then start again.

This was, by far, the trickiest part so now I can just have fun with stripes 'n stuff (in the spirit of the event, I am trying to include lots of 'n kind of phrases). I need to make a seat cover in crochet as well but I am not sure my skills are up to doing this pattern in crochet. Is it even possible to do this kind of colour work with crochet?

Maybe just some giant granny squares in Mets colours? I'm serious!

Check out those monster floats! When designing for inanimate objects, it is possible to throw technique to the wind...


Gillian said...

You can definitely do this kind of colour work in crochet. I haven't done any myself but you've got my curiosity stirred. Once I've finished the square I'm working on I'll have a look at my books and see how it's done. Very cool project!

Robyn said...

Yes, please finish that square first... : )

I will look around youtube and see what comes up as well. I kind of suspected that it was possible but, being beyond my skills, I was looking for a way out!!

Altobarb said...

It's not quite as neat in crochet as in knitting, but if you're working on a largish scale, that doesn't matter. The usual way if doing it is called Tapestry Crochet and Carol Ventura has a wonderful website for it, complete with tutorials and all. Basically you just crochet over the color(s) not in use. You can also carry them behind, as with knitting. The thing to remember is to change color at the very end of the stitch BEFORE you want to use your new color.

Robyn said...

Thanks Barb! I did look at a couple of youtube videos and saw the tapestry technique. I think I get it! I am actually very interested to try it. I think if it looks too strange, I will just have to go with a totally different look for the crocheted seat cover.