Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Keeping the Options Open

Lucy and her friend, Jamie, hosted Knit Night at our house last night. They each baked up something delicious: Lucy made the world's best chocolate cake and Jamie made something called Butterscotch Tea Buns, which are essentially cinnamon buns - really good cinnamon buns. Then, together, they made chocolate fudge. They were going to make chocolate chip cookies too but decided to go swimming instead. Wise choice, girls!

After a quick supper, they cleaned up the kitchen and set out their delicacies.

I even broke out my super fabulous pink crocheted table cloth, purchased for a pittance in Bonavista a fews back. That time, I did lecture that young woman behind the counter about underselling handwork. Heaven help me, I am such a bore! In any case, the pink crocheted table cloth is only used on the most special of special occasions, and this was clearly that.

Once their table was set and the knitters began to arrive, the girls decided their hosting duties were over and went off to swim again. It strikes me that, once again, their wisdom goes beyond their years. I was deputized "co-host" and left to fulfill my duties solo.

In life, as in all things, ice cream is optional.

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