Thursday, August 11, 2011

Squares With Benefits

Yesterday I collected over 25 squares.

Two contributers, Paula and Gillian, who have embraced this project in a way that boggles my mind and warms my heart. Here is Gillian looking clear and Paula looking blurry.

And now the reverse.

There was wild talk about sending another package of squares via the daily bus that runs from St. John's to Corner Brook. They can't be stopped! Apparently stash-busting granny squares are just the ticket as they make room for new yarn purchases.

See? This project is actually a great benefit to participants.

Ok St. John' may be freaking freezing in the middle of August, and the sun may not have been seen since February, and I still might not have forgiven you for not shoveling your sidewalks like good citizens, but I do loves ya.

1 comment:

Jan Morrison said...

I have two about ready to mail - one knit that took me forty days and one crocheted around a wee bit of knitting that took me three seconds. Why do I knit?