Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Be There or Be A Square

We are headed to St. John's today. We will make the 8 hour journey across the island for several reasons.

The first is that I am teaching a drop spindle workshop at A Good Yarn tomorrow evening. Rumour has it that it is nearly full, so check in with Jenny if you are interested in attending.

The second is that Finn will be leaving us - heading back to NYC. How you gonna keep'em down on the farm when they have seen Sunnyside? Apparently, you can't, so we are taking advantage of the amazing fact that there is a direct flight from St. John's to Newark every single day of the week. Why isn't the island overrun with pale people wearing black and complaining? I really don't know. It remains a mystery to me.

The third is that I will be collecting a massive amount of squares that have been knit and crocheted by the wonderful knitters and crocheters of St. John's. Wednesday night is Knit Night at The there or be a SQUARE!!!

Here are some recent pictures to send you or me off with - pictures that include sunlight, which St. John's has had even less of than us here on the west coast.

Foggy cool drizzle - here we come!

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