Tuesday, August 16, 2011

We Have A Winnah!

Over at the ravelry group for The Avenue of Trees project, I ran a contest for everyone who is making squares - a teeny, tiny attempt to say thank you for such generosity of time, energy and talent (not to mention, yarn).

For every photograph of a square posted to the group, I put the maker's name in a basket.

Some people had one name entered. One person had 21!

And the winner is....Gillian!

Congratulations Gillian! She wins a skein of Wee Ball Yarns handspun in the colour of her choice, to be spun in October.

Truly, the biggest winner is me. I am deeply grateful for the way that people have taken up my request for help. Gillian is the person who has made 21 squares - almost as many as I have made. Additionally, she has organized a table at the Art Marathon at the Eastern Edge Gallery in St. John's this weekend. She will be there, crocheting squares and recruiting others to do the same. If you are in St. John's, why not wander over and say hello to Gillian, congratulate her on her win, and then pick up a hook and some yarn and make a square!

PS. There is another contest for another skein of WBY beginning today and ending at midnight on August 29th. Join us, post your pictures and win, win, win!

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