Friday, August 19, 2011

Do Not Stand Between A Woman and Her Dream

A glorious day yesterday. Sunny, very windy, not too warm, not too cold. We headed to Gros Morne with some friends who also homeschool (a rare thing in these parts so we delight in the very fact that we even know each other).

The kids had a great time picnicking and playing on the beach. The mom, Jennifer, has four. I am down to one.

This wicked cool shelter was discovered on the beach and was the source of hours of fun.

As moms are want to do, we sat on the sidelines and chatted, doling out snacks and soothing the inevitable boo-boo's that come from the combination of kids and rocks. But it wasn't all apple slices and tips on reading, writing and arithmetic. Jennifer is a woman of vision. As such, when said vision appears, she can not be stopped.

She recently took up spinning and, discovering a natural talent for it, she has enthusiastically embraced it. She also is an accomplished competitive athlete and outdoors person. Her vision involved hiking to a scenic spot and spinning, surrounded by beautiful landscape.

We told her that the name for that was "spindle" but her vision did not involve a spindle.

Please, do not stand in the way of a woman and her dream for you will find it a useless waste of energy.

A vision realized.


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Lovely pictures and observations. Thanks for the lesson on taking inspiration where it comes.