Thursday, August 22, 2013

Because These Bags Ain't Packing Themselves

We didn't pack or clean or do anything towards our leaving in just a little less than 48 hours.  Instead, we drove out to central Newfoundland to try to find a beach that had been recommended to us as a beach combing delight.  Top secret location!  Except for the new signage helpfully posted by the local municipality!

Grammie pushed the rock climbing envelope, once again proving that 86 yo does not have to be sedentary.

Lucy and her friend managed to get as far away from us as possible without completely disappearing, once again proving that 14 yo's do not like to listen to the conversation of their elders for longer than 2 hours without making an escape.

The place is called Glassy Beach.  I wonder why?

Can there be anything more romantic than ceramic shards worn down by surf and tide?  I suspect not.  Each one makes me want to cry - so beautiful, so melancholy.

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Patti Blaine said...

Lovely! What were they once, what did they hold, who held them, etc. etc. Safe travels!