Friday, August 09, 2013

Goose Arm

As part of my run-in with the M-words, I did an inspection of my fleece stash in the basement.  It appears (fingers crossed) to be untouched by any wool-eating insects.  During that inspection, however, I also was able to determine that I have a sh*tload of fleece.  

Something needs to be done!

My solution has been to card up as much of it as I can.  The majority of it is yet undyed so I pulled out all the dyed fleece and set to work.  Then, when I tired of carding, I offered to pay Lucy to card.  She did three batts, got paid, and immediately claimed that she had been exploited.  Guess that means I can't count on her assistance in the future.

Today, as I prepared for another day at the drum carder, a friend called.  Would I be interested in taking a boat tour to Goose Arm?  Um..?  Yes!

In the eleven years that I have been here, I have never once been out on boat on Middle Arm (our bay is one of three: Humber Arm.  Middle Arm is, well, in the middle and North Arm is the furthest north). Middle Arm breaks off into two other Arms:  Goose Arm and Penguin Arm.  We saw them both today!

We left from Cox's Cove, down by the fish plant.  Wasn't much happening there today because there is supposed to be a big storm tomorrow and, apparently, the fish know this and get prepared in some way that makes catching them impossible.

But catching them the old fashioned way, with rods and jigs, was still ok.  Although truth be told, no one really caught much.  I think this had to do with the fact that we saw an amazing school of porpoise in front of us - including one that did a full-body leap out of the water.  It was brilliant and stunning and made one feel happy to alive in a world where such things also lived.  But I suspect those brilliant animals chased all the fish away.  Just as well (perhaps).

The place is magical no matter what.

We even saw two bald eagles (that's one above there, captured as best I could with my phone camera) with their chicks.  And by "chicks", I mean six weeks old eagles that already have about a five-foot wing span.

Yes, magical.

 The drum carder will still work tomorrow....


Patti Blaine said...

Beautiful!! Regretting not throwing all caution to the wind in New Brunswick and heading on up!

Robyn said...

That would have been fantastic! But you are still a good day and a half from here in NB. Newfoundland is very, very far away. But! Keep it in mind....