Friday, August 30, 2013

Same But Different

We're here!  We're here!

Another ferry crossing (my 28th, but who's counting?).  Another drive through Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Maine, a sliver of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and, at last, New York.  A quick dash into our house (rented until mid-September) and away again.

The children are with their dad, enjoying togetherness.  I am at the Temple in Brooklyn, then upstate to Zen Mountain Monastery for two weeks enjoying a different kind of togetherness.  Diving into practice, being back with my sangha, soaking up what it has to offer after months away.

I won't be posting until after my return, but please stay tuned!  The fall, winter, and dare I say it, spring, are loaded with projects and activities and ideas.  A rich season is ahead of us, so it is extra wonderful to take this moment to sit in stillness, and deliberately set an intention, then act on it.  Really, that's never a bad idea.

Enjoy the end of summer and coming of fall!  This one will never come again.

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dorinalouise said...

welcome back robyn . . we've returned also. i can't believe it's september . . enjoy your time at the monastery. sitting in stillness sounds divine right now . . time to move into autumn . .