Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Late August

We had the first frost warning last night so that can mean only one thing - time to pack up and return to the Big, Bad City.  Between cleaning, packing, getting the house ready to stand empty for the winter and teaching my last yoga classes, naturally I have been diligently ignoring all that and working on my shawl project.

I can't put it down!  The simpleminded glee that results from the colour changes in the yarn are enough to keep me knitting and knitting.  The pattern has been total fun-ness, the yarn, a never-ending delight, and now...

Is there anything that can make one feel more like a freaking genius than knitting a very clever lace edging?

To be sure it is a bittersweet thing, this saying good-bye to the place (and people) (and cats) that we love so much.  It is good to have a little something to soften the blow.

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In case you are not a regular reader of Lucy's blog, may I direct you there now?  No one can pen a haiku about kale the way she can.

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