Monday, August 12, 2013

Drum Carder Madness!

Yarn.  I like yarn.  It's pretty.

This one started out as Yuck for me but, with each passing day, it is becoming Yum.

This is the yarn from the batts that Lucy Workers Unite! Love carded.  Too bad I couldn't exploit her just a little bit more.  She has good taste for a member of the proletariat.

I think I have made this skein of yarn about six times before and, each time, sold it in my etsy shop.  This time, however, I am keeping it for myself.  Land and sea as made manifest in wool.

This one is like a cantaloupe, only, you know, less damp.

Here is my gorgeous Portuguese Merino, balled into a cake and the beginnings of a scarf with just enough lace (don't worry - it's coming) to make it a challenge but not so much to make it intimidating.  I am already in love.


Jan Morrison said...

Yum is right! I want to eat all of these. Trying to see if Ron will take some of my knitting supplies when he leaves in two days. And my accordion. Don't think there is a yarn shop in Goose Bay. Dang. I'm getting sooooooo excited.

Robyn said...

Yes - it is so exciting!! You are definitely in for an adventure. But wait! There's more! There IS a yarn store in Happy Valley. We west coasters often wonder how it is that Happy Valley/Goose Bay can sustain a yarn store while there are none on the west coast of Newfoundland anywhere. And if you should find yourself at the pharmacy in Happy Valley (is there more than one, I don't know!), the pharmacist is named Kelly and she is an avid knitter and spinner and all around nice person. Say hello! XOX

Taos Sunflower said...

If Lucy's union needs a vacation in the west, I have a big carder and a lot of wool...
I love the Portuguese Merino shawl you've started; those colors are spectacular. Hope we get to see that as it grows.