Friday, August 08, 2008


My mother is here for a 12-day visit. If it weren't for my mom, I think we would not be here at all (I don't mean on the planet, which is true as well, but in Newfoundland). It is her family that came to the States from Newfoundland and the reason why my ears pricked up when I learned about an artist residency program here way back in 1996. She now visits every summer and, this year, we convinced her to break her never-stay-longer-than five-days rule so we could take a little trip while she is here. Later next week we will head to her father's birthplace out on the Bonavista Peninsula; a little community called King's Cove. My mom has never been there so it is exciting that she will be able to see the house where her father was born. (It may be cheating, but I have been there and I know the house still exists).

My mom's visit also means blog posts may be fewer and farther between as our schedule is shifting for various activities. I promise to post on any great dyeing experiments. In the meantime, you can always head to The Yarn Harlot for beautiful Newfoundland shots. She is on the east coast, which is quite different from here although maybe as beautiful. Maybe.

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