Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Should Be Sleeping...

We will head east tomorrow morning. I hope we remember the 1001 things that need to be remembered but since I (always) refuse to put down these items in, say, a helpful list that might be remind me of these needs when everyone is rushing around, getting in each other's way before heading out the door, I will likely forget many things. Staying up noodling around on the computer doesn't help either. But it is so lovely and silent right now that I am savouring being awake in the quiet. No doubt I will pay tomorrow. But it's worth it.

Our plan is to bring a picnic lunch so we can choose a nice spot for a mid-day break and then get to King's Cove in the early evening (Newfoundland is big - we have a good 6-7 hour drive ahead of us). This trip has been a big moment in our summer calendar but it now feels strangely eclipsed by the fact that we leave for NYC only six days after we get back. Even as we are packing up things for the short-term trip, we are preparing for the long-term trip: buying/making snacks for the road but trying not to buy so much that we have tons of food to give away, going to the library to get books for the trip but knowing that they will be returned in only a couple of days, going through supplies (I mean yarn and fleece here) and realizing that it will all need to be packed up and shipped and soon.

Then, other reminders: the second to last yoga class...a visit with Shawn and her grandson that was likely our last chance to really hang out...having to tell everyone that we leave in about a week (and trying to explain why)...squeezing in one more opening at Full Tilt...

I know, I know - the best of both worlds! That's us!

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