Monday, August 25, 2008

Where's That Cool Canadian Air?

Scene: Woman sits with laptop on her couch and looks out of living room window.

How strange it is to look out the window one moment and see wide open spaces - the bay, the mountains, Edna's house, and the apple and cherry trees, then, in a heartbeat or at least a 30 hour car ride of a heartbeat, to be sitting on the living room couch and be looking out at the tropical, lush green that is Sunnyside. It always amazes me how green our neighborhood is, not at all what people might think NYC is like. The concrete jungle stops at the edge of Sunnyside; this is especially evident by the state of our backyard. I have some weeding to do.

Lots of weeding of all kinds to do.


island sweet said...

you have the muscles and the strength to do it...

Patti Blaine said...

Welcome home again, Robyn. :)