Monday, August 18, 2008


One place we visited in Bonavista while the wind blew and the rain fell in buckets was the Mockbeggar Plantation - the home of one of Bonavista's prominent families. While the story behind the house and outbuildings was very interesting, I was capivated by the patterns of the linoleum.


OfTroy said...

Looks like real linoleum..
real linoleum was (is) made from linseed oil (flax seed!) and wood

it is naturally antiseptic, and really last a long time.
(it was also expensive!)
it was the floor covering of choice in hospitals (and kitchens!)

the first linoleums came as sheets (room size) or as 'rugs' often a rug pattern was inset into plainer designs

Robyn said...

Yes, these sound just like what you describe. They have held up really well since they likely date from around the 1920s and the house was lived in until the late 1970s.

We have a piece in our house here that is as you describe - a small piece in the center of the room surrounded by lesser material to look like a rug. They sometimes call it canvas here since before lino, they used painted sail canvas.