Monday, August 04, 2008

We're Falling

It was on July 1st, coming home from our Canada Day bonfire on the beach, that I was finally able to sniff the air and know that summer was here. June was cold and wet and it seemed like summer simply would not arrive this year. But as we walked up the hill from the beach that evening, the air had the smell of warm grass that signals fine weather that will stay around in some consistent way. July was lovely - quite warm and dry - and the flowers raced to get their blooms out, the birds raced to get their babies out and everyone was singing the song of summer.

On August 1st, another smell was in the air.

It was the smell of fall. The air has a chill in the evening signaling that even the warmest days remaining will begin and end in sweaters, and sometimes we will need those sweaters all day long. It seems amazing that this smell, and the slight chill that accompanies it, could happen so quickly on the heels of the smell of summer but I see the leaves of some of my flowers are fading already.

We have turned the corner towards a rapidly approaching fall.

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dorina said...

ohhh! it's very cool here in manhattan too. m. even has her winter pajamas on! it's a strange fall day in the midst of usually hot hot august. i'm betting it will become unbearable again, at least for a week or so. september has been very warm the past few years . . but it has skipped me up . . fall? already? on august 12th????