Saturday, September 06, 2008

Art, Art, I Want You

This summer we met Marcia Connolly, who is the cinematographer for the movie about Colette Urban. She did amazing camera work and was always full of energy and enthusiasm and was wonderful with Finn and Lucy. There were two things she was always enthusiastic about when she saw me: The Principle of Uncertainty by Maira Kalman, a book that she felt contained similarities to the aesthetic of The House Museum (I am deeply flattered at that comparison!), and this song by Tanya Davis:

Art - Tanya Davis

I had heard of neither but now that I know about them, I also feel a lot of enthusiasm. Thank you so much Marcia!

Tanya Davis is a poet who also sings. Here is one of her poems that I especially like:

The neatness that i crave

You keep your room so clean
i wish i was an article on your floor
and you would put me away
your perfect hands
and i would always have a place to go
your house
the neatness that i crave
and you

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Sam said...

Hi Robyn,
Thanks for the link to this song. Also, I want to be the first to let you know that the "Americans living in Canada" team just won Test the Nation, Canadian knowledge edition, on the CBC. Oh yeah! Oh, and we're having an election up here too.
- Ellen (not really Sam)