Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Yarn Will Keep Us Together

One nice thing about etsy is that they encourage their sellers to form teams based on similar interests to help promote each other's work. I am a member of the Fibre Arts Street Team or estyFAST. Recently a new team started called etsy craftivists and I was invited to join, although I think it was because of my artwork not my etsy work. In any case, the team is just get started and we had our first challenge, in which members of the team make something in response to a chosen theme. The theme was (Un)conventional Wisdom and it was designed to play on topics that have been coming out during the Democratic and Republican conventions. Since most of my fleece is still in transit, I didn't have a lot to work with, but I spun up a red single ply yarn, adding pieces of white merino along with vintage fabric strips and painted wooden beads that I found at my favourite store in Corner Brook - Leisure World (can there be a better name for a store?).

Here is the yarn, which I call Citizens Unite. You can read all about in my etsy shop.

And to get all that red, white and blue out of my system, I also spun up some of what may be the most gorgeous fleece I have ever encountered. It came from a one-year old ewe that is a BFL/Icelandic cross. Talk about the best of both worlds! I bought it directly from the shepherd in its raw state, so I have been scouring bits of it as I have time. I could hardly bear to card it, so I only carded enough to help make the uncarded locks stay together in a stable way. Very funky and wild but I love it.


captain badass said...

Good Morning!
I just wanted to leave a note that I really love the pictures of what you've been spinning. Especially that third one - it looks almost like human hair from all sorts of people. Most Excellent!

island sweet said...

the two skeins are so different - i love that spinning is another way of expressing ourselves. who says it ain't art? xxx

Patti Blaine said...

Gorgeous work, Robyn!