Thursday, September 04, 2008


1. The only moment that really caused my jaw to drop during the Republican convention last night was when both Guiliani and Palin openly mocked Obama for his community organizing work. Mocked him! The whole audience was laughing (at, not with). To me, that speaks volumes about Republicans, especially after all their yapping about "service". Shudder

2. I am heavily destashing yarn in (One of the things I did this summer was meet with a financial advisor regarding some of the subtle tax-related aspects of having Canadian permanent residency. Along the way we talked about Wee Ball Yarns and how to organize the bookkeeping, etc. At one point, the advisor asked me if I had any collections, like stamps, coins, etc. I answered, "well, I have a lot of wool....yarn, fleece...a lot of it." She said, "That's not a collection, that's inventory." I love you wonderful financial advisor! This is another reason why I could never be a Republican - it was a revelation to me that you can, you know, plan your finances. Golly, who thought up that?) In any case, I am putting the destash yarn in my etsy shop under the label "destash" so if you are looking for some good stuff cheap, then click away! I am trying to add things every day or so as I am clean out my bins so feel free to check back now and then as the "inventory" will change.

3. One of the highlights of the whole Knitted Mile project was being put in touch with Carol Sommers, an artist and knitter living in Santa Fe. She is a friend of a friend but I now count her among my friends. This week, we received a book Carol wrote and illustrated in the mail. It is a delight! Funny and quirky. It is called Birds For All Ages.

Here is one of my favourite pages, about the Kookaburra named Kent:

She is selling them, along with her gorgeous notecards, on her new website. So, after you finish clicking up destash yarn, click up some of Carol's books and cards!

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dorina said...

big shudder. i was speaking with marisa today and she was quite nauseated by the convention scene. and on other notes, i love your yarn and carol's book!