Saturday, September 13, 2008

No Problem

Today is the first day of the yoga teacher training. Naturally I am full of doubts about my ability to do it - am I too old? too stiff? not strong enough?

No problem. Just attend to the moment...isn't that what yoga is all about?

By yesterday I was in deep conversation with an ad agency in Toronto about a project to promote a design award given out by an organization in London, UK. Somehow the project has morphed into the possibility of my crocheting a cozy that looks like a pencil for a water tower on a rooftop in Manhattan. By mid-October.

No problem....

Wait! Big problem!

We wait with bated breath for the client's final decision. Is it a good thing that I will be relieved if I "only" have to crochet a pencil cozy for a statue of William Shakespeare in Central Park?

No problem.

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island sweet said...

what are you up to now robyn? will you be needing any newfoundland knitters?