Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Busy Hands Are Happy Hands

It's a bowl!

It's a grapefruit!

It's a bowl AND a grapefruit! A grapefruit bowl!

This is my thank-you gift to Marcia for her generous gift of a copy of The Principles of Uncertainty. Last summer, I had made up a bunch of these bowls as items for the gift shop at The House Museum. Marcia saw one that Colette had selected and fell in love with it. Perhaps this is what made her think that Maira Kalman and I have something in common. It is bowl made from a half of a grapefruit. The key is to paint it before it dries out too much. I had to force feed Finnian three grapefruits before I got one that worked. (The "Why Are You Here?" is the motto of The House Museum, and still one of my favourite questions.)

In between screwing up grapefruit bowls, I have been spinning, that is to say, delighting in my new found wealth of fleece.

A luxurious combo of shetland, merino and yak in soft colours. Yummy.

Ok, so I called this one ADHD. Does that make me a bad person?

This is some more of that wonderful BFL/Icelandic cross along with some shetland, alpaca and even some camel. I added some vintage carved bone skull beads (11 in total). First I was thinking it was an homage to my early days as a wanna-be punk in the East Village of the very early 80s but it looked a little too refined in the end. Then I thought it might be a "Do Not Squander Your Life" skein of yarn but then I worried that it sounded too preachy. Then I decided that the skulls where there to remind us that we all must die. So I called it "Memento Mori".

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