Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mojo No Go

Last week I received a call from David at Lion Brand (do I flinch ever so slightly when I see his number come up on my phone? would it sound ungrateful to answer a timid yes?). He wants to add a plane with a banner over the skyline. We had played around with different ideas for something over the skyline earlier. Sono made an amazing Pale Male that was to carry a banner in its beak but that didn't go over well for reasons I am still not sure about. Then we talked about a sun and clouds but that never really sounded like it would look appropriate. Nothing seemed quite right so we left it empty and I thought we had put it behind us. But ring ring went the phone and next thing I know, I was crocheting a biplane: something old fashioned and distinctly NOT reminiscent of 9/11.

Or rather, I was not crocheting a biplane. My mojo had totally left me.

You see, I was spinning up a storm, adding new yarns to my etsy shop every day and thoroughly enjoying my time behind the wheel. And my mom was visiting for her 82nd birthday. We weren't doing a whole lot since, at 82, she isn't up for all the walking and hiking that go along with a day in Manhattan, but still, somehow the days were flying past and still no biplane. I made several false starts, each looking worse than the next. I played with the idea of actually confessing my inadequacy to David and bowing out of the project. But that seemed like fading at the last, most important, moment, so I perservered.

Finally, this morning, a biplane seems to be emerging my yarn and hook. No pictures yet, but this one is a keeper.

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island sweet said...

i think you definitely need a new unlisted phone #. xxx